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Harem: A Women’s Hash


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Future Routes

$15.00 per run
($7 Run only)

Every Wednesday at 7 pm

Don't forget:
COST PER RUN:  $15 with food / $7 run only

RESTAURANT and CAFÉ  -  pay for your own meal. But no run Fee.  
(See explanation below)

BYO drinks except when at a licensed venue

BYO torch

BYO warm clothing







8 Mar

International Woman’s Day
101 Montagu Street New Town.

Loose Lips


15 Mar

Kingston Park, Kingston
(Giant Playground)

Silent P


22 Mar

Ocean Child



29 Mar

Volunteer please



5 April

Easter Run
31 Tilanbi Street Howrah

Tush Push


12 April


Hook ‘n Eye


The pack usually consists of between around 10 to 15 runners and walkers (often more walkers).

It is a women-only hash with milestone runs and special events open to all hashers.  

All runs followed by a circle to recognise achievements and misdemeanours.

Joke telling is actively encouraged.


Very Important Food and Booze Info

Cost per run

$15 - with food or  $7 run only

Home Run Limit

$40 - if the harem hostess wants to spend more, then she absorbs the costs – Small meals not banquets please!

Piss Stops

$ club pays for Piss Stops on route, not if at home.

Restaurant and café limit

$12 -If meals are more expensive harem sisters pay the difference on top of the $15 run fee


Drinks except when at a licensed venue

First timers

First run is free, pay on the second run and forever more


Run Markings are: FT - False Trail; Ä - Check ; Run arrows -

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Hot Hash Link List

 Hobart Full Moon Hash House Harriers

Chardonnay Hash House Harriers

Aussie Hash Directory

           LH4     (Mixed Hash, Thursday Nights 7 pm)
           LH3     (Male only, visiting females welcome, Tuesday Nights 6.30pm)

Burnie Hash House Harriers

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Contact Information   2019 – 2020


Hash Name

A. K. A.


Grand Mattress

Very Tasty

0417 060 882

Grand Lilo

Hook and Eye

Vicki Smith

0437 668 801


Hon Sex/ Scribe

Tush Push

Jeanette Lewis

0409 441 261

Hash Cash

Madam Lash


0438 193 906

Route Mistress


0438 895 226

Hash Flash


0400 616 100

Shitorian & Haberdasher


0419 543 287

Electronic mail address:

Cross Dresser:
Silent P:

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Up Coming Major Events

Run 1300: To Be Advised

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Historical Information

Founded: 3rd March, 1999 by:
Kate Entrance Ellsmore, Leanne Bundy Lawrence, Rita Souvenir Mendelson, Bronwyn Buckét McConnon,


As At 8 February 2023

Over800 Runs:

Loose Lips - 885, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - 836

Over 700 Runs: 

Slowcum – 747, G&T - 706, Hook & Eye – 743, Pullit - 712

Over 600 Runs: 

Over 500 Runs: 

Souvenir - 584, Silent P - 561, Tush Push - 583, Grin and Bare It - 501,

Over 400 Runs: 

Dirty Patti (Cloud9), Money Box, Bubbles - 424

Over 300 Runs: 

Creamed Up - 351, Frequent Flasher - 378,

Over 200 Runs: 

Trust Me, Thumper, Quickie, RU, French Letter, Nil Orally - 136, Puff ‘n Stuff,
Sticky Buns - 197, Shooter, Entrance - 205, Down Under - 213

Over 100 Runs: 

Bundy, Legs, Swallow, Mrs Ansell, Kawabox, Mt Carmel, Fringe Benefit ,
Bloody Mary, Funken Wagnells, Just Kidding, Tight Spot - 196, Grass Roots - 113,
Naughty but Nice, Cross Dresser - 112, Madam Lash - 179, Mrs Ansell,
Saucey - 180, Very Tasty – 154,

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