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Hobart Leap Year Hash

We are reported to be Australia’s Oldest continually running Leap Year Hash Club


Goals of the Club:

Stay Alive until the next run

Drink more Alchohol

Must ALWAYS run on “the” Day


There is no real Committee, We may Nominate some on this or the next run.

This web page will be developed more, possible with a list of Hashers who have completed all runs.


Web Site:



No 1     1996 - The Ocean Child Hotel

No 2     2000 - Port Arthur Ghost Trail

No 3     2004 -   Hamilton

No 4     2008 - Kangaroo Bay Drive, Bellerive

No 5     2012 - DeBomfords Lane, Geilston Bay

No 6 - 2016 - Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Knocklofty (top of Forest Rd, West Hobart)

Hare: The Phantom Hasher

Cost: $12, byo meat etc for BBQ.