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Hobart Hash Harem

Harem: A Women’s Hash


Future Routes

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Historical Information

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Future Routes

$15.00 per run
($7 Run only)

Every Wednesday at 7 pm

Don't forget:
COST PER RUN:  $15 with food / $7 run only

RESTAURANT and CAFÉ LIMIT -  $12 (if meals are more expensive harem sisters have to pay the difference on top of the $15 run fee.  
(See explanation below)

BYO drinks except when at a licensed venue

BYO torch

BYO warm clothing







6 Feb

The Shamrock
(Venue Change)


13 Feb

New BBQ Site on Domain, near Athletics Centre
Valentine Theme

Grin N Bare It


20 Feb

Wentworth Park, near soccer fields Howrah

Madam Lash


27 Feb

Sandy Bay BBQ, Near Old Beach Hotel

Loose Lips


6 Mar

AGM – Ocean Child



The pack usually consists of between around 10 to 15 runners and walkers (often more walkers).

It is a women-only hash with milestone runs and special events open to all hashers.  

All runs followed by a circle to recognise achievements and misdemeanours.

Joke telling is actively encouraged.


Very Important Food and Booze Info

Cost per run

$15 - with food or  $7 run only

Home Run Limit

$60 - if the harem hostess wants to spend more, then she absorbs the costs – Small meals not banquets please!

Piss Stops

$ club pays for Piss Stops on route, not if at home.

Restaurant and café limit

$12 -If meals are more expensive harem sisters pay the difference on top of the $15 run fee


Drinks except when at a licensed venue

First timers

First run is free, pay on the second run and forever more


Run Markings are: FT - False Trail; Ä - Check ; Run arrows -

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Hot Hash Link List

 Hobart Full Moon Hash House Harriers

Chardonnay Hash House Harriers

Aussie Hash Directory

           LH4     (Mixed Hash, Thursday Nights 7 pm)
           LH3     (Male only, visiting females welcome, Tuesday Nights 6.30pm)

Burnie Hash House Harriers

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Contact Information


Hash Name

A. K. A.


Grand Mattress:


Gloria Elphinstone

0403 131 746

Grand Lilo


Jean Brookes

0448 744 416

Hon Sex/ Scribe

Silent P

Annette Psereckis

0419 543 287



0407 639 796

Hash Cash

Loose Lips

Jeanette Lewis

0437 980 227

Route Mistress



0401 040 224

Hash Flash

Hook n Eye

Vicki Smith

0437 668 801


Grin & Bare It

Anne Woodhall

0421 595 943

Harem Historian

Silent P

Annette Psereckis

0419 543 287

Electronic mail address:

Silent P:
Money Box:
Sticky Buns:

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Up Coming Major Events

Run 800: To Be Advised

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Historical Information

Founded: 3rd March, 1999 by:
Kate Entrance Ellsmore, Leanne Bundy Lawrence, Rita Souvenir Mendelson, Bronwyn Buckét McConnon,

Over 300 Runs: as at 7 March 2008
Souvenir, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,

Over 200 Runs:
Trust Me, Thumper, Dirty Patti, G&T, Hook & Eye, Loose Lips, Money Box, Pullit, Quickie, RU, Slocum,

Over 100 Runs:
Entrance, Bundy, Legs, Swallow, Mrs Ansell, Kawabox, Mt Carmel, Fringe Benefit Bloody Mary, Funken Wagnells, Just Kidding, French Letter, Nil Orally, Tush Push, Puff ‘n Stuff, Sticky Buns, Shooter.

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