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Hobart Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

H5 A Drinking Club with a running Problem

(Socially responsible?)


Run Info and Receding Hare Line

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Contact Information

Upcoming Events

  Historical Information

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H5 Down Down Song Sheet

  Just How Many F@#$king Runs have I done? (9 April 2018)

(Needs Acrobat reader)

Run Info and Receding Hare Line

$15.00 per run
($12 Summer BBQ)
Every Monday at 6.30 pm

In Summer (BBQ)
Bring your meat for the BBQ (Drinks, Bread & Sauce Supplied)

In Winter (Pub Runs)
Bring a Torch and Supper supplied.
BuyYourOwn Grog






Mon 4 Feb

The Springs



Mon 11 Feb

Regatta Day Holiday –
DeBomfords Lane BBQ Site, Geilston Bay
Map Link: 

Sir Eve


Mon 18 Feb

Peter Murrell Reserve, Next to Pony Club Gates
approx. 1.8km along Howden Rd
NO DOGS please
Map Link:



Mon 25 Feb




Coming Up


Sat - 5 Jan 2019 – 2000th Run


The pack usually consists of 25 to 35 hashers and has been as large as 50.
It is a mixed hash with an average run length of 55 minutes.
Normally ample areas for hashing for those amblers.
All runs followed by a circle for misdemeanour and milestone skols.
Joke telling is actively encouraged.

Run Markings are: FT - False Trail; Δ - Check ;
MΔC - Master Check or Group Check(Regroup)

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Hot Hash Link List

Aussie Hash Directory

 Hobart  Hash House Harriers (H4)

 Hobart Full Moon Hash House Harriers

           LH4     (Mixed Hash, Thursday Nights 7 pm)
           LH3     (Male only, visiting females welcome, Tuesday Nights 6.30pm)

Burnie Hash House Harriers

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Contact Information

Office Bearers

Hash Name

A. K. A &
Email Links.


Grand Master:


Christine Andrews

Joint Masters

Snack Bar

Mick O’Leary

0417 955 100

Lone Arranger

Rosmyn Faulkes


On Sec / Trash

Pearl Necklace

Laura Searle

0417 991 078

Hash Flash

See onSec

Hash Lips

Sir Eve

Adam Bridley

0417 552 723

Halfa Boner

Jason Graham

0424 876 543

Hash Cash

Coupla Weeks

Adele Winslow

0417 136 874


Renata Fletcher

0407 528 841

Trail Master

Steady Eddie

Geoff Eddington

Hash Hops

Just Kidding

Tracey Tavasz





Asset Managers
(Trailer etc)


Paul Riseley

0427 517 737

In the Raw

Michael Ertl

0438 829 173

Hash Horn

Allocated by Trailmaster

Electronic mail address:

Eve:   (Phone:  0417 552 723)



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Up Coming Major Events

1600 – September 2011

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Historical Information

Founded: 19 April 1982 by:
Paddy Duffy, Alan Easy Rider, Mike Mad Dog Bowerman and N Sarge Sargison.

Over 500 Runs: as at 9 April 2018  (Honorary Title given at 1000 runs)
1547 - Adam (Sir) Eve Bridley (Sir on 9 July 2007)  1500 on 16 Jan 2017
1344 - Alan (Count) Zero Bennett (CoUNT on 17 Aug 2009)
1251 - John (Governor) Honkers Ellsmore (Governor on 27 Aug 2012)
1135 - Wayne (Dame) Dukie Alomes (Dame on 5 Jan 2009)
1027 – Sharon (Highness) Eager Willing  (Highness on 16 Jan 2017)
1000 – Basil (Commandant) Captain Condom Fraser (Commandant on 10 Sept 2018)
959 – Paul Limp Risely
863 - Trevor Spoof Wailes
840 – Adele Coupla Weeks  Winslow
777 - Tony The General Haig
754 – Geoff Steady Eddie  Eddington
720 - Lewis Ted Bullpit Mitchelmore
706 – David Thrillseeker Byrom
654 – Lindsay Offal  Button
670 – Andrew Pole Dancer Harper
579 – Tracy Just Kidding Tavasz
567 - Ian Haggis Ross.
559 - Graham Sutt  Sutton
555 – Mick Snack Bar O’Leary
536 – Andrew Cant Stop Law
534 – Christine Growler Andrews

CLICK on this to find - Just How Many F@#$king Runs have I done?
(Needs Acrobat reader)
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Last Major Revise: Monday, 10 April 2017

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