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fm3Hobart Full Moon Hash House Harrierstop


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Just how many times have I mooned?

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Run Info and Receding Hare Line

Every Full moon
Nearest Sunday @ 2pm

ALL Hobart Full Moon H3 runs are now $5. BYO your everything - booze and food. (March 2016)



Where at Sundays 3pm



14 July

DeBomfords Lane BBQ Area
Geilston Bay 2pm
Sunday 2pm
Map Link:

Sir Eve


18 Aug

Cygnet Bowls Club
Sunday 3pm

In the Raw


15 Sept

AGPU Sunday

In the Raw


13 Oct

Sunday 3pm



10 Nov

Sunday 3pm



15 Dec 19

Sunday 3pm



Previous Run History history.htm

The pack usually consists of approx. 25 and has been as large as 50.
It is a mixed hash with an average run length of 55 minutes.
Normally ample areas for hashing for those amblers.
All runs followed by a circle for misdemeanour and milestone skols.
Joke telling is actively encouraged.

Run Markings are: FT - False Trail; - Check ;
C - Master Check or Group Check(Regroup)

Full Moons for the Year 2015 are:
A Full list if Moon phases can be found at:

Remember to add 10 hours to the time or 11 in Daylight Savings

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Hot Hash Link List

H5 - Hobart Hash House Harriers & Harriettes http:/

Aussie Hash Page

LH4 (Mixed Hash, Thursday Nights 7 pm)
LH3 (Male only, visiting females welcome, Tuesday Nights 6.30pm)

Burnie Hash House Harriers

LoonRhasH House Harriers (Up North)

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address: (Phones - see below)

Eve: (Phone: 0417 552 723)



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Office Bearers

Hash Name

A. K. A. & email

Home Phone

Work Ph / Mobile

Grand Master:

In the Raw



0439 829 173

Religious Advisor/Lip




0414 445 903

On Sec / Flash




0412 591 248

Hash Cash



0417 552 723

Trail Master

Pee Wee

Paul Green


0404 466 019

Hash Hops

Herr Flick


0438 340 564

Condiments/ Haberdasher

The Next Hare

The Next Hare



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Historical Information

Inaugural Run: 9 September 1995
New Sydney Hotel. Run set by
Ross Atlas Thomas, Peter Hi Ho Davey.
A pack of 68 runners attended this event.

Most Runs: as at 22 Sept 2018 AGPU

260 - Adam Eve Bridley
216 - Lesley Satin Phillips
202 Wayne Argue Quarrell
201 Wayne Crusher Hall
185 Trevor Spoof Wailes
176 Paul Herr Flick Curry
161 Roger Portholes Portlock
157 Rita Souvenir Mendelson
132 Basil Captain Condom Fraser
159 Paul PeeWee Green
159 John Honkers Ellsmore
135 - Coralene Trust Me Hobden
122 - Michael Snack Bar OLeary
119 Bev WeeBev Sallie
113 Graeme Grizzly Faulks
112 Bonnie Swallow Rimmer
110 Jamie Wrinkle Creese
105 - Alan Zero Bennett
101 - Andrew Pole Dancer Harper
95 - Adele Coupla Weeks Winslow
92 - Rosmyn Lone Arranger Faulks
84 Caroline A Bit of This Waterhouse
83 Christine Growler Andrews
81 Sally Psycho Sal Griggs
77 - Lewis Ted Bullpit Mitchelmore
76 - Patsy Prickit Sharp
75 Ken Banger Dann
69 Christine Chris Miss Andrews
68 Karen Back Alley Street
67 - Gloria Pullit Elphinstone
63 - Mortitia
59 Top Deck
59 Mary Bloody Mary Alexander
57 Hands On
56 Dodi
56 Reg Wet&Wobbly Conley (not listed)
55 Kylie Thumper White (not listed)
54 Joanna Yes Please Crisp (not listed)
54 Jess Hamburglar McDonald
52 Leanne Bundy Laurence (not listed)
52 - Vegie
50 Sian RU Cumming (not listed)

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